Typesense Graphic Design

We add value and personality to wines, beers and spirits

Founded by Luis Vázquez Pinteño in 2007, Typesense is a boutique, specialised graphic design studio focused in offering bespoke, meticulous, well crafted and creative design solutions for the alcoholic beverages industry.

We have helped clients to be commercially successful by establishing their vision and brand personality on their packaging, enabling them to stand out from the competition in a singular, honest and memorable way.

We have the versatility, inventiveness and craftsmanship to undertake any project, big or small, and make it successful.        

Our approach

We start any project with meeting and interviews, that will enable us to gain a deeper understanding of your business, from company background to vision and aspirations.

The brief

A written, guiding document where we analyse and outline the project’s background, aim, scope, goals, timing and budget. This document will be agreed in partnership with you before any design work starts.

Design & delivery

This is the stage where we will bring your goals, through our design thinking and skills, to life. We will explore different ideas with the aim to establish your product’s own identity and personality, differentiating it from the competition. Following design development and agreement of the creative solution we will provide the deliverables or print-ready files.


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